We are running our first radio show SHOCKING YOUTH SPECIAL (on Radio Dreyeckland Freiburg) since 1989! The second called BLACK CHANNEL  (on Querfunk Karlsruhe an other radio station) since 1995. You see we have some deep experiences in this music scene. We are  following the scene since 1986 and we are  supporting magazines and alternative-(uncommercial  and against mass media industry)-radio stations  since 1987.  This was the time the illegal radio station  Radio Dreyeckland changed to  a legal and the first so called FREE radio station !
(june 1996)


We started with our journalistic activities in the late 80s...our first personal radio show SHOCKING YOUTH SPECIAL came in may 1989 but we supported the free radio  (Radio DREYECKLAND Freiburg) and fanzines and the scene since 1987 !!! Since these times we even began writing for magazines as GLASNOST, NOISING THERAPY, and much more little fanzines (today we publish our interviews in 3 languages...!!!) since june 1995 we are running our second radio show on an other radio station in an other city (QUERFUNK KARLSRUHE) called BLACK CHANNEL.
(november 1996)


We are running our first radioshow S.Y.S. since 1989 (!!!); the second show B.C. since june 1995. Apart from this we are also writing for some mags like: GLASNOST, NOISING THERAPY, and others. So you see music journalism is our life ! Now a short description of our taste of music: in germany we would declare it as DARK TECHNO, INDUSTRIAL, EBM, HARD ELECTRONIC, (also some SYNTHIE-ELECTRONIC), WAVE, BAD CAVE, GOTHIC, RITUAL, EXPERIMENTAL, AVANGARDE. (Klinik,Explendor Geometrico,Die Form, FLA,NUMB,Psyche, Data Bank A, Dead Can Dance, Mephisto Waltz, Hybryds, Psychic TV, Deutsch Nepal) We play these styles but also from new and unknown bands or new productions. So we do have always more than 90% new releases in the shows!!! We also play tapes, we review every release, present magazines + interviews, we give scene dates+infos about concerts or parties and discos. If you want to have a playlist or if you want to contact us, to send us infos or material, do not hesitate to contact us !

Our SHOCKING YOUTH SPECIAL radio show was last time transmitted in summer 1996 !
But after all BLACK CHANNEL is now the more famous and unbeatable radio show !

(may 1997)


Spring 1998: We are running again a new radio station with our famous show

It is the radio  Freies Radio Für Stuttgart on 97,2MHz and 102,1MHz on cable.
The show comes every 2 weeks  thursday 22:00 - 24:00.
(Stuttgart is the biggest city in the south western part of germany.)

On Querfunk Karlsruhe the show comes every 2 weeks wednesday 22:00 - 24:00 on 104,8MHz and cable frequencies !

(april 1998)



Fall 1998:

We expand our activities an other time:
1. On the station "Freies Radio Fuer Stuttgart" additional to the main
show the special show BLACK CHANNEL Tape Collection comes
every last sunday (to monday night) 1:00-3:00.
2. Our shows are now "receiveable" on the Internet via REAL AUDIO.
What means that you can go to our homepage
and listen to our shows broadcasting "On Internet Air" !

(october 1998)


Fall 1999:

1. The little special show "BLACK CHANNEL Tape Collection" was last time transmitted Sept. 99. So the transmisson schedule in Stuttgart went back to 10 - 12 pm, 2 hours every 2 weeks.
2. We can offer a limited real audio download  area for all people who can't stream the shows or like to listen offline.

(november 1999)



Summer 2001:

We moved back to our roots. The transmissons in Stuttgart were stopped and we started the BLACK CHANNEL radio show on RADIO DREYECKLAND Freiburg every 2 weeks 5:00-6:00pm on 102,3MHz and cable frequencies.

Summer 2002, new transmission schedule: Black Channel comes every 2 weeks 9:00-10:00pm on 102,3MHz and cable

(July 2002)

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