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Playlist Date: 3./4.12.94 Time:0 00 - 4 00 

Shocking Youth Special Tobias Küchen + Steffi Häschel 

Nr. Song Band CD/LP/TAPE (Com.=Compilation) Label  

1.  Assimilate  Skinny Puppy  Remission&Bites  PIAS
2.  Wartime (basket)  Mainesthai  Mentallo Meets... Com.  Zoth Ommog 
3.  Spirits  Dronning Maud Land  Maelstrom  Glasnost
4.  Reanimation  Kalte Farben  Trust Danse Macabre
5.  1. Feuertaufe  Söldnergeist  Spur 2 Art Konkret
6.  Lies  Advanced Art  Force Poko /Art Info 
7. Close My Heart  Second Decay  Affaire De Coeur Com.  Derrière 
8.  A Notion Of Light  Derrière Le Mirror  A Notion Of Light  " 
9.  Byzantium  Todd Fletcher  Byzantium  Dervish
10.  Interface  Genital-A-Tech  Hard Core User  Off Beat
11.  Roaring Silence  Shade Factory  A Terminal Cage  Discordia 
12.  Ibu-Gazi  Tahafut-Ul-Tahafut  Tahafut-Ul-Tahafut  Scrotum
13.  Durabeat  Zero Defects  Durability  Zoth Ommog 
14.  Become Visible  Nightmare Lodge  Negative Planet  Minus Habens 
15.  War Of Violence  Godheads Bodyrapture Com.  Zoth Ommog 
16.  Divina  Dreamside  Pale Blue Lights  Death Wish 
17. Shiftwork-Activist  Pal Zyklus D Com.  Ant-Zen
18. Magic Weapon Fight  Söldnergeist  Xerosma Com.  " 
19.  Just Like You  Derrière Le Mirror  Alibis Derrière 
20. Gier  Das Ich Staub Danse Macabre 
21. Sacritice  Aghast Demotape Aghast/Cold Meat 
22. Mystress (remix)  Placebo Effect  Celtic Circle Sampler Com.  Celtic Circle 
23. Forget The Rest  Mastertune  Forget The Rest  Subgarden Rec. 
24. Hommage  Wunderlich  UT Dyadique 
25. Heart/Herzfile001  Klänge  Heart/Herz  Minus Habens 
26. Battle Tech  Monomorph  Alternativ Fluid  Disturbance 
27. Desolazione  Ain Soph Circus Joy Misty Circles
28. Synthesizer Irrweg  Rowenta/Khan  Stereo Extrem  Dragnet
29. Sensory  Violet Arcana  Serenity Zoth Ommog
30. Frustration  Frustrated  Anthology Of Exp. ...  Disturbance 
31. Door To The Other Side  Synaesthesia  Embody Zoth Ommog
32. Alibis (Blue Mix)  Derrière Le Mirror  Alibis Derrière 
33. Church In Chains  Endless Beyond The Abyss  Spirit
34. Robox  Loi Interceps  Music For Movies  Minus Habens 
35. Flow  A3000 Magnetic/Gliding  Disturbance 
36. New Birth  Jack Or Jive  A Picture Of A Dancer  Elves
37.  Chip Chop  Deutsch Nepal  Tolerance  Staalplaat 
38. Medinati  Esplendor Geométrico  Sheik Aljama  Apocalyptic Vision 
39.  Brain Collapse  Psyche Private Desires  Sythetic Symphony 
40. Indian Summer Of B.Bhutto  Muslim Gauze  Assemblage  Extreme
41.  Bitchend  Xorcist Phantoms 21st. Circuitry 
42. Recall  Neuroactive  Morphology  Cyberware 
43. Ophelia  Numb Wasted Sky KK

Playlist Date: 12./13.11.94 Time:0 00 - 4 00 

Shocking Youth Special Tobias Küchen + Steffi Häschel 

Nr. Song Band CD/LP/TAPE (Com.=Compilation) Label  

1.  Assimilate  Skinny Puppy  Remission&Bites  PIAS
2.  Liqiud Speeration  Frontline Assembly  Millennium  Roadrunner 
3.  We Deserve It All  Leaether Strip  Positive Depression  Zoth Ommog 
4.  After The Pain  Jack Or Jive  A Picture Of A Dancer  Elves
5.  That I May Drink And Leav.  Ildfrost Autumn Departure  Cold Meat 
6.  Dried Blood  Wumpscut Dried Blood Ant-Zen
7. Egoist (Free Your Mind)  Steril Egoist Off Beat 
8.  Manual To Utilization  Deutsch Nepal  Tolerance  Staalplaat 
9.  I´m Fine  Gracious Shades  Inoculation Of The Media  21. Circuitry 
10.  Overdose  Zero Defects  Non Recycleable  Zoth Ommog 
11.  Distant Memory  Ikon In The Shadow Of The Angle  Apollyon
12.  Ratblast  Numb Wasted Sky KK-Rec.
13.  Bardo Thödol  Raksha Mancham  JX->OH Com.  Staalplaat 
14.  Lucifer´s Garden  Delay Underdogs Off Beat
15.  Hamyanna El Caballo  Hybryds Rhythm Of The Ritual  Charnel House 
16.  Baby Oh Baby  Dive Extended Play Discordia
17. Control  Trauma Construct Machinery
18. Flamenco 1  Slim Westerns  A Small Good Thing  Soleilmoon 
19. Brothers Of Doom  Overgament  VulvaOV Dark Star
20. Infidel (Veil Of Peace)  Muslimgauze  Infidel Extreme
21. Beweglich Animalisch  Sielwolf Metastasen KK-Rec.
22. Yusef  Muslimgauze  Blue Mosque  Staalplaat 
23. Burning  Neuroactive  Morphology  Cyberware 
24. Metal In Earth  Lex Tallionis  Into The Shade  Dossier
25. Pillow Talk  Steril Egoism Off Beat 
26. Leave The Nest  Jack Or Jive  A Solo Exhibition  Elves
27. Opel  Muslimgauze  Citadel Extreme
28. Otherworld  Delerium Spheres II DossierooooOOOO 
29. Freedom  Eternal Afflict  War Gymnastic 
30. The Hourglass  Empyrean Of Faithless Men  Alice In... 
31. Clair Voyant  Psy 231 Industrial Hits For Greatest..  Discordia 
32. Taksu  Light In Fat City  Assemblage I Com.  Extreme
33. Desert  Delerium Organism Com. Dossier
34. Epitaph  Trak Dah Void Of Secrecy Com.  Basement
35. Arbol Sagrado  Jorge Reves  The Flaved God  Staalplaat 
36. More Like Me  Hate Dept  Meat Your Maker  21. Circuitry 
37.  Lucifer  Throbbing Gristle  Giftgas Dossier
38. This Toxico (Tangier 2001)  Nova Exprexx  Cybernetics Interzone  Consequence 
39.  Is Black Dark Enough  Soul In Isolation  Black Days In Heaven  Gymnastic 
40. Dead Beat  Archon Satani  In Shelter  Soleilmoon 
41.  Waning  Voice Of Eye  Vespers Cyclotron Industries 
42. Hebron Massacre  Muslimgauze  Hebron Massacre  Soleilmoon 
43. Uncertainly VIII  PP? Itum Allenro  KM
44. 2012 Mix  Kode IV Dissolve KK-Rec. 
45. Dracul  Dracul Die Hand Gottes  Spirit
46. Wish  Psyche Private Desires  Synthetic Symphony 
47. James Bond  Cromosome  Gen Techno  RTR
48. Mind The Gap  Bizarre Alliance  Mind The Gap  Basement
49. O  Patricia Morrison  Reflect On This  Rebel Rec. 
50. Molecular Trip  Lassigue Bendthaus  Render Audible  KK-Rec.
51. Erster Teil  Kode IV Faust KK-Rec. 
52. Melia Unmunn  Lumukanda  Everthing Must Go  Nova Zembla 

Playlist Date: 1./2.10.94 Time:0 00 - 4 00 

Shocking Youth Special Tobias Küchen + Steffi Häschel 

Nr. Song Band CD/LP/TAPE (Com.=Compilation) Label  

1.  Assimilate  Skinny Puppy  Remission&Bites  PIAS
2.  Millennium  Frontline Assembly  Millennium  Roadrunner 
3.  Three Six Calling  Josh Gothic Spirit Vol. 1 Com.  Spectre
4.  Sinaya  Esplendor Geometrico  Sheikh Aljama  Apokalyptic Vision 
5.  Aigues Mortes  Ataraxia Adperpetuam Rei Memo.  Apollyon
6.  The Stranger Remains  Diary Of Dreams  Dion Fortune 3 Com.  Dion Fortune 
7. Dominance&Submission  Bigod 20 One Zoth Ommog 
8.  Fall Of Heaven  Morendoes  There´s No Salvation  Rebel Rec. 
9.  Faceless Kiss  Electrode  Die Operative Maschine  Hypnobeat 
10.  Last Walk  Placebo Effect  Manipulated Mindcontrol  Ausfahrt
11.  The Relation Of Light To S.  Garden Of Delight  Necromanteion IV  Dion Fortune 
12.  Cruor  Allerseelen  Cruor Aorta
13.  Hiding  Mortal Constraint  Floating Waves Com.  Glasnost
14.  Tales From Europe  The Revolutionary Army O.  The Gift Of Tears + Mirror +...  Apocalyptic Vision 
15.  Man Of Sorrows  The Revolutionary Army O.  The Gift Of Tears + Mirror +...  Apocalyptic Vision 
16.  I Want Candy  Pouppeé Fabrikk  I Want Candy  Energy
17. Golden Brown  Stranglers  Wave Ballads Com.  Spectre
18. Ballad  New Model Army  Wave Ballads Com.  Spectre
19.  Hibernation  Morthound  The Goddes Who Could Ma..  Cold Meat 
20. Bites Everything  B D N Karmanik Collection Com.  Cold Meat 
21. Streams Of Time  Mental Destruction  Karmanik Collection Com.  Cold Meat 
22. Carrion  Project Pitchfork  Carrion Off Beat
23. Iron Helix  Xorcist Phantoms 21. Circuitry 
24. Sacred Worms  In Slaughter Natives  Enter Now The World  Cold Meat 
25. Jessica´s Crime  Salvation  Slaughtered Vol. 1 Com.  Spectre
26. Seclusion  Angina Pectoris  Anguish Rebel Rec.
27. Anatomy Of A Poet  In The Nursery  Anatomy Of A Poet  Third Mind 
28. Cliché (MK Search)  Snog Cliché Machinery
29. Radio Edit  Armageddon Dildos  Too Far To Suicide  Zoth Ommog 
30. Das Ist Freiheit  Oomph ! 3+1 Machinery 
31. Out On The Paperchase  Elysium The Last Revolving Door  Spectre
32. Shadow Dance  Eyes Of A Nightmare Jun.  Fate Spectre
33. Heaven  Funhouse Girls M&A 
34. Schwazer Orden  Söldnergeist  Der Rest Ist Schweigen Tape  Art Konkret 
35. Carrions Still Walkin´  Deutsch Nepal  Benevolence  Cold Meat 
36. Lebensborn  Megaptera  Beyond The Shadow  Fluxus
37.  Ara Biya Fahrana  Raksha Mancham  Ghazels MMM
38. Curb Life  Controlled Bleeding  Songs From The Vault  Dark Vinyl 
39.  Near The Fire  Controlled Bleeding  Songs From The Drain  Dossier
40. Critcal Stage  Suicide Commando  Critical Stage  Off Beat
41.  98.6 Edit  Cultivated Bimbo  98.6 Energy
42. Garden Of Pain  Stormwitch  Shogun Steam Hammer

Playlist Date: 10./11.9.94 Time:0 00 - 4 00 

Shocking Youth Special Tobias Küchen + Steffi Häschel 

Nr. Song Band CD/LP/TAPE (Com.=Compilation) Label  

1.  Assimilate  Skinny Puppy  Remission&Bites  PIAS
2.  Where Do We Go From Her.  Suicide Commando  Critical Stage  Off Beat
3.  Walked In Line  Blood Axis  Im Blutfeuer Com.  Cthulhu
4.  Ground  Blackhouse  Stairway To Heaven  Discordia 
5.  Distinkt Killing  Megaptera  Beyond The Shadow  Fluxus
6.  Anything Out Of Range  Drown For Resurrection  Sublunar Vacuity  Glasnost
7.  Iron Will  Upsland War Cthulhu 
8.  21-375  Batz Without Flesh  Initial Stages/A Million Bricks  VUZ
9.  Mindboster  Digital Factor  Electronic Youth 2 Com.  Music Research 
10.  Austria  Kirlian Camera  Ecipse Das Schwarze Denkmal  Discordia 
11.  Strong Captivated  Canticum Funebris  Endless Talitha
12.  Abd Er Rahman  Raksha Mancham  Ghazels MMM
13.  No Pain No Game  Dive Taste This 2 Com.  Discordia 
14.  God Is An Astronaut  Television Overdose  A Turing Test  Discordia 
15.  Still I Can Here You Singing  Paralysed Age  Nocturne Glasnost
16.  Praeludium  Merlons Of Nehemiah  Eluoami Musical Tragedi. 
17. Eluoami  Merlons Of Nehemiah  Eluoami Musical Tragedi. 
18. How About Tomorrow  Eternal Afflict  Childhood  Gymnastic 
19.  Slavery Is Guaranteed  Bigod 20 Supercute Zoth Ommog
20. Mortified Flesh  In Slaughter Natives  Sacrosancts Bleed  Cold Meat Indust. 
21. Childhood Drama  Advokat Ihrer Hoheit  Opferbereit LP  Art Konkret 
22. Asepsis Neurosis  Söldnergeist  Spur 2 Art Konkret
23. Sentence  Leitmotiv  Musique Pour Une Petite Muse  Karismatik 
24. Pull And Fire  Gothic Sex  Spanish Gothic Bands Com.  Grabaciones Got. 
25. Gravity Is Present  The Psychic Force  Traces KM Musik
26. Take One  Lights Of Euphria  Colours Of Zoth Ommog Com.  Zoth Ommog 
27. Fire Dog Mix  Drown What Is To Burn  Elektra Entertain. 
28. Syzygy  Morthound  The Goddess Who Could Make.  Cold Meat Indust. 
29. Part 2  White Legion  La Transfiguration  Discordia 
30. Kids In America (Crunchy)  Orange Sectore  Kids In America  Zoth Ommog 
31. Ostara  Allerseelen  Cruor Aorta
32. Rose´s Attack  Loi Interceps  Music For Movies  Discordia 
33. Pinhead Down  Placebo Effect  Moonraker  Sub Terranean 
34. Haut  Armageddon Dildos  Lost Zoth Ommog
35. They Might Be  N.I.C. N.I.C. Am Hunter/Disco. 
36. # 9  The Bel Am  Fresh Deadly Roses  Heavens Gate/Di. 
37.  Blue Clax  Aphex Twin  Music For The 90s Vol.6 Com.  Rough Trade 
38. Coder 1  Solar Enemy  Rape Europe  Q Music
39.  Le Fleur Du Mal  Sabotage Qu`est-ce que...  Ânnorlunda  Tatra
40. Plutone (B+B)  Milch Ladomat 2000 Superstition

Playlist Date: 13./14.8.94 Time:0 00 - 4 00 

Shocking Youth Special Tobias Küchen + Steffi Häschel 

Nr. Song Band CD/LP/TAPE (Com.=Compilation) Label  

1.  Assimilate  Skinny Puppy  Remission&Bites  PIAS
2.  Die Katze Im Sack #6  Calva Y Nada  Die Katze Im Sack  Hyperium
3.  Bed Of Nails  Big Electric Cat  Art Of Gothic Com.  Music Research 
4.  The Girl With The Patent...  Data Bank A  Scanning Vol.2 Com.  SPV
5.  Antares (Suicide Com...)  Andromeda Complex  Be Kind With Your Executioner  Heaven´s Gate/Di. 
6.  You Shall Wonder Why  Glod Glod MMM 
7.  Tears For The Broken Rainb.  Placebo Effect  Manipulated Mindcontrol  Ausfahrt
8.  Solitude  X Marks The Pedwalk  Air Back Tracks  Zoth Ommog 
9.  Faceless Kiss  Elektrode  Operative Maschine  Hypnobeat 
10.  The Death Of The West  Sol Invictus  Black Europe  World Serpent 
11.  Sedation  In The Nursery  An Ambush Of Ghost  Third Mind 
12.  Hallucinations ? (Tower3)  "  Hallucinations  " 
13.  Dying Cultre/First Movem.  Wumpscut Dried Blood Ant-Zen
14.  Loop Cycle  Controlled Bleeding  Songs From The Drain  Dossier
15.  Sometimes  Hobson´s Choice  Aural Conception Com.  Discordia 
16.  Eine Mumie Duscht In 12..  Cranioclast  Koitlaransk&ration sk.  MMM
17. Inkatzu  Aadom Christ Bearing F.  Destroyed Original Tape  Art Konkret 
18. Inside  Paracont Zoom Electric Blue/Aus. 
19.  Burning Heretics  Apoptygma Berzerk  Electrocity Vol. 5 Com.  Ausfahrt
20. 6:AM But Still Not Dream.  Northern Territories  Midnight Ambulance  Machinery 
21. Roseclouds Of Holocaust  Death In June  Sundogs NER
22. Black Are The Souls Of T.  Voice Of Destruction  Ring Of Death  Music Research 
23. Moon Over The Bwana A  Merzbow Land Of The Rising Noise Com.  Charnel House 
24. Fields In Summer  Canticum Funebris  Mighty Moon Com.  Music Research 
25. Fear The Rebellion  The Fatal Impact  Polytoxicomania  Discordia 
26. Religion  Call Domina Consequence 
27. Fight (Berlin Mix 2)  The Mao Tse Tung Expe.  Fight Our Choice
28. Memorie Di Sabbia  TAC Hypnotischer Eden  Discordia 
29. Toufik Hattab  Muslimgauze  Zealot Staalplaat
30. What Can You Say  The Dark LÁppel De La Muse IV Com.  Alea Jacta Est 
31. Nirvana  Death In June  Burial NER/BAD
32. Fountais Of Fire  This Dark Noise  Perinelion  TUG
33. Kontakta  Kontakta  Kontakta Odd Size
34. 24 Hours  John Loose  Arrhythmica II Com.  Charnel House 
35. Papacy-Unclean-God´s Bl.  Psychic TV  Mein Goettingen  Dossier
36. Techno Fear  Perfect Torment  Even Ten Gods...  KM
37.  The Clairaudient Syndrom  Chrome Clairaudient Syndrome  Dossier
38. Penny In A Bucket  Shadow Project  In Tuned Out 93  Triple X
39.  No.2  Illusion Of Safety  Distraction  Odd Size
40. Etherea 2  Starseed Transmission  Dungeon Of Delight  Nova Zembla 
41.  Move On No Peace  KMFDM Angst Roadrunner 
42. Dragonfly Mix  Killing Joke  Pandemonium  Rough Trade 
43. Fragile  LSG Superstition Vol.2 Com.  Superstition 
44. Le Signal Analogue  Nefkom Da Da Da Dark Star 

Playlist Date: 2./3.7.94 Time:0 00 - 4 00 

Shocking Youth Special Tobias Küchen + Steffi Häschel 

Nr. Song Band CD/LP/TAPE Label  

1.  Assimilate  Skinny Puppy  Remissions&Bites  PIAS
2.  Hallucinations  In The Nursery  Hallucinations  Third Mind 
3.  Erotik Mutanten  Tyske Ludder  Bombt Die Mörder  KM Musik
4.  Softly September  Temple Beat  Black Suburbia  Dynamica
5.  No Man´s Land  Children Of No Return  Looking Back In Anger  Dion Fortune 
6.  Mindphaser  Frontline Assembly  Industrial Revolution  Cleopatra 
7.  Succumber  Spahn Ranch  "  " 
8.  Lost Minds  Christian Death  The Rage  " 
9. Control  Beborn Beton  Concret Ground  Subtronic 
10.  Der Schrei  Das Ich Stigma Danse Macabre 
11.  Andromeda  Nik Turner  Prophets Of Time  Cleopatra 
12. Ein Wiegenlied  Diary Of Dreams  Cholymelan  Dion Fortune 
13.  Deep Red  Apotygma Berzerk  Deep Red Tatra
14.  Long Shot  Götterdämmerung  Rearm Dion Fortune
15.  Watch Your Back  Bats Without Flash  Initial Stages  VUZ
16.  Join The Club  Mainesthai  Out To Lunch  Zoth Ommog 
17. Dry Lungs  Controlled Bleeding  Songs For The Vault  Dark Vinyl 
18. The Whore Of Babylon  Liers In Wait  Blood & Family  Railroad
19.  I Hate Berlin  Second Decay  Taste Subtronic
20. Midnight Ambulance  The Northern Territories  Midnight Ambulance  Machinery 
21. Time  Dance Or Die  Time Zero  " 
22. East West (Dildo Effect)  Armageddon Dildos  07104 Zoth Ommog
23. Overloaded  Mind Resuscinate  Cyberworld II  Hard Rec. 
24. Jacquy Bitch (Nevva)  Jacquy Bitch  Tape Jacquy Bitch  Invitation 
25. Gates Of Dawn I  Common Spring  Common Spring  Musical Tragedie. 
26. Plenty  Cyber 7 Welten Compilation  Negative Choice 
27. Beyond Your Dream  Komakino Trance Europe Music Research 
28. Evil Clutch  Smersh Vorabtape VUZ
29. Fakto Reactor  Artefakto  Des-Construccion  Zoth Ommog 
30. For You  Demonix Never Felt So Alive  Hypnobeat 
31. The Gate  Engelsstaub  Irrlichter  Apollyon
32. Power Of Passion  Dive No Pain No Game  Discordia 
33. Man In The Mirror  " "  " 
34. Theme From The Black  Black Lung  Silent Weapons  Machinery 

Playlist Date: 4./5.6.94 Time:0 00 - 4 00 

Shocking Youth Special Tobias Küchen + Steffi Häschel 


Nr. Titel Band CD/LP/TAPE Label
1.  Assimilate  Skinny Puppy  Remissions&Bites  PIAS
2.  Solem Expectans  Ordo Equitum Solis  Paraskenia  MMM/Discordia 
3.  Wartime  Mainesthai  Out To Lunch  Zoth Ommog 
4.  Rotor  Esplendor Geométrico  Mekano Turbo  Dragnet
5.  Theme From The Black L.  Black Lung  Silent Weapons For...  Think Tank 
6.  Blood & Family  Liers In Wait  Blood & Family  Railroad Rec. 
7.  Second Hand Frency  I.A.M. Umbrella  Nowwhere Dragnet
8.  Interzone  Artefakto  Des-Construcction  Zoth Ommog 
9.  Sepsis  Haujobb Eye Over You Off Beat
10.  The Lake  Corpus Delicti  Sylphes Glasnost
11.  Mistery  In The Nursery  Living For Music  Discordia 
12.  Einsatzkommando  Liers In Wait  Spear Of Destiny  Railroad
13.  Holy Places  Drape Excrement  Demotape Art Konkret
14.  Adrenal Hush  Tear Ceremony  An Hourglass Of Opals  Think Tank 
15.  Subjection  Lights Of Euphoria  Inside Out Sampler  Inside Out 
16.  Gay Inferno  Terminatrix  Is Ready To Dance  Eisenberg 
17. Dead City Radio  Lab Animals  Disposal Off Beat
18. The Hint  Project Pitchfork  Renasence  " 
19.  Dream Demon  Engelsstaub  Irrlichter  Apollyon
20. Baby / Death  Nightmare Lodge  Negative Planet  Minus Habens 
21. Metall  Cubanate Metall Dynamica 
22. Show Covered Landscape  Jack Or Jive  Kagura Live  Dragnet
23. Prisoner  In My Rosery  Under The Mask  Discordia 
24. Raise Your Head  Armageddon Dildos  07104 Zoth Ommog
25. Con  Span Ranch  Breath & Taxes  " 
26. Solong...  From Laughter To Tears  Principles Of Sedu.  Sounds Of Delight 
27. Sangre En La Arena  Gothic Sex  Divided We Fall  Grabationes 
28. Heidi S.  Temple Beat  Heidi S. Dynamica
29. Z.E.N. II  Electric Source  Electric Source  45
30. In The Shadow Of The Sun  Gerstein/Sshe Retina Stimula.  Harakiri For Seven Str.  Sshe Retina./Disco. 
31. Pyrusodium Di Nex.  Cash Worship  Pyrusodium  Charnel House 
32. Control Signal  Dharma Drums  Kumquat Combat  Strange Ways 
33. Eclipse  Kirlian Camera  Eclipse Part 2  Discordia 
34. Vicious Bitch  Dive No Pain No Game  Discordia 
35. Moving Hands  PNE/DIVE Living For Music  Discordia 
36. Estanpie  Book Of Wisdom  Catacombs  Nature & Art 

01 Assimilate Skinny Puppy Remission&Bites PIAS

02 Eclipse Kirlian Camera Eclipse P.2 Discordia

03 Here On The Shore ! Lonsai Maikov From The Found. Canda Draconis

04 Get Out Paracont Split CD Klinik Gothic Arts

05 Huldra`s Maze Fire&Ice Hollow Ways NER BAD

06 Serenade For The Dead Leaether Strip Serenade For T. Zoth Ommog

07 Power Of Passion Dive No Pain No Game Discordia

08 Hiding Mortal Constraint Floating Waves Glasnost

09 Canzona Ataraxia Simphonia Sine Energeia

10 English Embers Contra State Contra State Drone Rec.

11 Soul Extringuished Book Of Wisdom Catacombs Nature & Art

12 Ragnarok Coptic Rain Dies Irae Dynamica

13 Burning Heretic Apoptygma Berzerk Melt Cyberware

14 E/Voluta Dsor DNE 24025Gruioimo Discordia

15 Hubcaps And Fruit Nocturnal Emissions Glossalalia Soleilmoon

16 Slugbait Haujobb Bodyrapture 3 Zoth Ommog

17 In A Gudda Da Muerte Dark Rules Fire Foetus Strange Ways

18 Red Roses Age Of Heaven Armageddon Dion Fortune

19 Does The Knife Cry When The Knife Comment Les In. Discordia

20 Resurrection Dreadful Shadows Estrangement Sounds Of De.

21 Awi Rapoon Raising Earthly Staalplaat

22 Kinetic Statures Second Decay Taste(vor.tape) Subway

23 Render Lassigue Bendthaus Render KK

24 Syzygy Morthound Le Sacre Du P. Gonzo Circus

25 Mercurius T.A.G.C. IsoErotic Cal. Anterior Res.

26 Sunset Eyes Through Wa. " Audiophile "

27 Decay Of The Angel Numb Bodyrapture 4 Zoth Ommog

28 Decimus Ain Soph Kshaitriua MMM

29 No. 4 Ken Thomas The Sacred Saw Sawdust Ring

30 The Dead Hymen David E. Williams A House For T. Ospedale

31 Blood Burns Into Water T.A.G.C. Digitaria A.R.

32 Eleven Eleven Screams For Tina Screams For T. Talitha

33 Suffer In Silence Crystal Lake Violent Vision Silke Prod.

34 Who Do You Love Birmingham 6 Contagious Transfixion

35 The Light At The End Zen Paradox The Light At Psy Harm.

36 A Cause Of This Violent Arcana In The Scene Zoth Ommog

37 Brrr, Feuer und das Rad Hammafest Meermann Ekke Stora

38 Ascension Coil Angelic Conver. Discordia

39 The Old And The Young H.J. Roedelius Theatre Works Multimood

40 Curling Wall The Moon 7 Times 7=49 Roadrunner

41 Gottes Ebenbilder ? Misantrophe Der Tod Zerfraß Alice In W.

42 Save Blessing In Disguise Turn To Stone Strange Ways

43 Tender Days Wolfsheim Elias "

44 Manilaqa Exquisite Corpse Between Worlds KK

45 Geräusche Die Nach Dem. Max Goldt Die Radiotrink. 45

46 This/Oder Klänge The Heart/Hertz Minus Habens

47 Cortex Brain Pilot Brain Pilot Sound Unlimi


01 Assimilate Skinny Puppy Remission&Bites PIAS

02 Electrode Vanishing Heat The Itch T.E.Q. Musik

03 No.1 Archon Satani Mind Of Flesh& Staalplaat

04 Enigma Gothic Sex Ritualis Mortis Grabaciones

05 The Past & What Shall C. Inanna Storm I-III O.E.C.

06 Desire Fortification 55 Atlantis Glasnost

07 Hell D.N.S. Clouds & Bombs Machinery

08 Feed Me Salt Men-An-Tol Ant-Zen

09 The Undying Flame Raksha Mancham Chös Khor MMM

10 Preach Brain Leisure French Belgium Machinery

11 Désincarnation N.L.C. Spiritus Rex EDT /NLC

12 Turmtanz Autopsiaa Crystal Power Hypnobeat

13 Gods War Malaise Secession Memento Mat.

14 The Seal III Garden Of Delight The Seal Dion Fortune

15 Entre Berne Et Lausanne Leitmotiv Voyageure En P. Karismatik

16 Bloodsucker Paralysed Age Bloodsucker Glasnost

17 Do You Know My Name Sopor Aeternus Sopor Aeternus Apocalyptic V.

18 Isolation Data Bank A Access Denied Subtronic Rec.

19 Madiel Deine Lakaien Mind Machine Gymnastic

20 Synthetic Fear No Comment Eyes Subway

21 D.S.N. Legion Die Datenschle. Hyperium

22 Carousel Drape Excrement Veromon Ant-Zen

23 A Kind Of Dream Second Decay Hinter Glass Subway

24 Soft Explosion White Stains Somewhat Horiz. Psychick

25 I Say The Merry Thoughts Millenium Done Big Noise

26 Someone Else_s (Radio) Logic/Naive Someone Else_s Memento Mate.

27 Why Must I Always Say Ashes Ashland Sureal. Verbacorrige

28 Cancer Upon Focus In Gr. Sigillum S Hypersault "

29 Shantell And Also The Trees Bouquet Of D.2 Dark Star

30 Sleeping Angel Necrophilistic Anodyne Drown Into This Subtronic

31 Sex (Radio Vers.) Oompf Sex Dynamica

32 Catalyst John Duncan Klaar/River In Staalplaat

33 Ancestral Horizon Jeff Greinke Twilight Earth Timebase

34 Salus Antem Gaea Alea Jacta E 1 Alea Jacta E.

35 Dead State Nova State Zeitgeist Dion Fortune

36 Eso-T (Pt.1) Marcus Schmickler Onea Gako Oddsize

37 Immaculate Crown Of Jesus Immaculate Dion Fortune

38 The Illicit Keyhole Reptilicus & Halfer Trio Designer Time Staalplaat

39 Das Ist Freiheit Oompf Sperm Dynamica

40 Eternity Passion Noire Eternity Dark Star

41 Truth Shape Shifter Mystery Of Bei. Hypnobeat

42 Ragnorok Coptic Rain Dies Irae Dynamica

43 Sunflash Lemon Sol Enviromental SPV


01 Assimilate Skinny Puppy Remission&Bites PIAS

02 Sacrilege Mentallo & The Fixer Where Angels F. Zoth Ommog

03 Man Mind Machine Dance Or Die Electrocity 3 Ausfahrt

04 Oxeia Love Is Colder Than Death Oxeia Hyperium

05 Die Kinder Sind Allein Clair Obscur Play Apocalyptic V.

06 Knights Mental Measuretech Taste This Discordia

07 Ode To Anne Syntec Total Immersio. Machinery

08 Croisade Arctique Lucie Cries Rec Non Verba Alea Jacta Est

09 Headcrash Numb Fixate KK-Rec.

10 Banish From Reality Splatter Squall The Spell Gothic Arts

11 Fight Raksha Mancham Phyidar Musica Max. M.

12 Dante I Being Beauteous Baroccoid Sculptured So.

13 Existence Regenerator Regenerator Hyperium

14 This Shining World Current 93 Of Ruine Or So. Ourobouros

15 Feed Back Love Like Blood Odyssee SPV

16 Carrions Still Walkin' Deutsch Nepal Benevolence Cold Meat

17 Dark Matter Delerium Spheres Dossier

18 Change Of Plan Page 12 Violence Of Tr. Celtic Circle

19 Kinetic Statures Second Decay Sophisticated Subtronic

20 Porsiflexion Nocturnal Emissons Magnetized Lig. Earthly Delig.

21 Be My Matthew & Be My L. 48 Cameras Easter November Les Disque Du.

22 Decay Placebo Effect Electrocity 4 Ausfahrt

23 Song For A Child Substance Of Dream Gothic Mag.No20 Emilia/Gothic

24 Dawn Chandeen Shaded By The.. Hyperium

25 Remembrance Of Things P. From Laughter To Tears Sorry Welcome 1 Pirate Music

26 Taliesin & Melanghel Love Is Colder Than Death Fallen Angel Music Researc.

27 Anyway (Vorabtape) The Moon 7 Times 7=49 Third Mind

28 Götter Orange Sector Flashback Zoth Ommog

29 Red Lion & White Eagle Psychic TV & XKP Al-Or-Al Dossier

30 Perfect Conroller En Slave God's Iron Fis. World Serpent

31 Satyajit Eye Muslimegaauze Satyajit Eye Staalplaat

32 Small Town Boy Bronski Beat Glad To Be Gay SPV

33 Nazarene The Wake Mysterious Enc. Cleopatra

34 Lupus Et Agnus Individual Industry Templum Probus Subtronic

35 Down In The Park Girls Under Glass Down In The P. Dark Star

36 Benedictus Elijah's Mantle The Last Eccen. Sculptured S.

37 Parallel Flaming Vidna Obmana Parallel Flam. Multimood

38 A Hymn For The Dead House Of Usher Black Sunday Nyctalopia

39 Interaction Comm.Mix 2nd Communicationn Interaction KK-Rec.

40 An To Equarissage A Scent Of Strenght Moral Sharpeni. Staalplaat

41 Wenn Alte Götter Sterbe. Edward Ka Spell Chalna Doll Discordia

42 Fading Star The Merry Thoughts Millennium Don. Dion Fortune

43 No.3 A Sacris A Sacris Discordia

44 You Hurt Me Shock Therapy Heaven & Earth Dossier

45 Au Monde Eutier Cello Alva Messerschmidt

46 Der Verfluchte Engel Front 242 Angels Vs Anim. PIAS

47 Bien Bien Pelayo-Nubla Galvana Laboratori

48 Prisoners Of The Cold The Covenent Tales Frome Th. Strangeways

49 Your Smell Blind Passengers Walking To Hea. "

50 Dirge Innocent Thoughts Weihnachtsgetr. DEMO

51 Crucifixio Lacrimosa Satura Hall Of Sermon

52 In Your Mind Sabotage Qu'est-ce que c'est Libertinage Dark Star

53 To Jaz Mlada Fronta Illusory Times Tribal

54 The Day Before Yesterday De/Vision World Without.. Strangeways


01 Assimilate Skinny Puppy Remission&Bites PIAS

02 Maternal Instinct Haujobb Homes&Gardens Off Beat

03 Corpus Christi Fire&Ice Blood On The S. NER BAD

04 More Than You&Me Blackhouse We Will Fight.. Discordia

05 Hollow Peace Mortal Constraint Legend Of Defo. Glasnost

06 Lud's Church Nocturnal Emissions Stoneface Staalplaat

07 Ars Moriendi Kirlian Camera Todesengel The. Discordia

08 Krematorium III " Androm.Split CD "

09 Chains Yelworc Electronic You. Music Researc.

10 Blind Instinct A Split Second Vengeance C.O.D Hypnobeat

11 Heart&Souls Rosetta Stone Foundation Sto. Cleopatra

12 Waltz Soul In Isolation On Stranger Ti. Gymnastic

13 Dance Or Die Dance Or Die The Best Of DOD Machinery

14 Feet (LSD Mix) The Dark L'Appel De La.3 Discordia

15 Penang Yeht Mae Transmitter Zoth Ommog

16 The Garden Of Temptation Aurora Dimension Gate Talitha

17 People Lescure 13 Rotation 3 Kugelblitz

18 Death Posture Zero Kama Secret Eye Of.. Discordia

19 Koslow Wumpscut Music For A Sl. VUZ

20 Caught Beyond Time " Unreleased R.T. "

21 She's Dead " Music For A Sl. "

22 Sacrosants Bleed In Slaughter Natives Taste This Discordia

23 Insight X Marks The Pedwalk Killing Had Be. Zoth Ommog

24 Timebound Steril Transmission P. Off Beat

25 Tormentor's Song Paul Lemos & Joe Papa Music For Stol. Artware

26 Unity Mitford Rise & Fall Of A Decade Unreleased III Semantic

27 Know The Machine Remyl Remyl Bootsector

28 Waltz Of The Midwives Shinjuku Thief The Witchhammer Dorobo

29 Forbidden Desire Red Sekta Light From Dark Neurogenic T.

30 French Girl Bloody Ice Bloody Ice Placebo

31 So Many Things Oral Constiution Piss Preik Artware

32 Klaus Barbie Genocide Organ Heavy Electron. Art Konkret/T.

33 Jesus Von Waco Advokat Ihrer Hoheit " "/Tesco

34 Conclusion Project Pitchfork IO Off Beat

35 Pri-Ma-eria TAC A Circle Of Li. Cthulhu

36 Feldmonitor Overgament Machinery Of D. Dark Star

37 Triumpf Lille Roger Golden Shower Cold Meat

38 Machinery Pierre Point Slices Of Deat. Celtic Circle

39 Naked Truth Every New Dead Ghost Who's Sane Any. Plasic Head

40 Hunters " River Apollyon

41 Cask Of Possiblities Dimension Jede Wüste Hat. Placebo

42 Voice Of Terror Drape Excrement Cie Transit Gl. Art Konkret

43 No.3 Etant Donnes Blue Discordia

44 No.2 Slushy Piauyn Zeitgeist

45 Hommage Endraum In Flimmernder. Danse Macabre

46 The Sleeping Beauty The Cain Principle Sculptures Dark Star